Interpolation-based Object Decomposition and Parallel Computation Method for Large-Scale Computer Generated Hologram

Takanobu Baba, Hiroaki Miyata, Boaz J. Jackin, Takeshi Ohkawa, Kanemitsu Ootsu, Takashi Yokota, Yoshio Hayasaki, and Toyohiko Yatagai


Computer generated holography, Numerical diffraction calculation, Holographic displays, Data intensive computing


Computer Generated Holography (CGH) is considered a promising candidate for realizing 3D display with complete depth features. However, the realization of a largescale CGH requires a huge computation time. This paper proposes a method for decomposing an input object into sub-objects and generating sub-holograms from them utilizing interpolation. The major advantage of this method is that the generation processes become mutually independent and can be executed in parallel without communication and synchronization. After presenting the theory of interpolation method, we will show how we can implement the method on GPU using data-parallel operations. We will also show the simulation and optical reconstruction results that verify the correctness of the method. Finally, we will present the preliminary results of our experiment by using GPU.

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