An Innovative and Efficient Multipath Multicast Mechanism for Data Streams

Safiullah Faizullah and Arshad M. Shaikh


Multipath, Multicast, Data Streams, Network Optimization, Efficient Delivery, Flows


With the advancements in networked applications that multicast (such as audio, video and teleconferencing) and with increased requirement for more network resources (such as bandwidth), there is a need for better ways to deliver data so that the network resources are efficiently utilized. This paper presents a multipath multicast technique that creates multiple multicast flows to provide more aggregate bandwidth for delivery of the data. Formally, the purpose of this work is to devise an algorithm, which efficiently divides the multicast flow (from one sender to many receivers) into sub-flows and construct trees corresponding to each of these sub-flows so as to maximize the total inflow at all the receivers. We refer to this network optimization problem as Multipath Multicast Problem (MMP) and establish that it is NP-Complete in general. We offer an approximation algorithm to solve MMP. Furthermore, we present simulation results for randomly generated networks to evaluate MMP.

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