Optical Mouse based Mobile Robot Traveling Simulator for Surface Characteristics Extraction

Sungbok Kim and Minkyu Park


Optical mice, mobile robot, velocity estimation, traveling surface, statistical parameters


This paper presents the optical mouse based mobile robot traveling simulator for the extraction of the statistical parameters of a traveling surface. In the mobile robot traveling simulator proposed in this paper, a traveling surface sample is rotating relative to stationary optical mice, rather than a mobile robot equipped with optical mice is traveling over a surface. First, the conceptual design and operational principle of the mobile robot traveling simulator are explained. Second, the velocity kinematics which maps the velocity of a mobile robot under simulation to the velocities of optical mice of the mobile robot traveling simulator is derived. Third, the setting of the parameters of the mobile robot traveling simulator, including the angular velocity of a motor and the installation angles of optical mice, is described. Finally, using the prototype of mobile robot traveling simulator, experimental results for four different traveling surface samples are given.

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