Retrospective Study on Phantom for the Application of Medical Image Registration in the Operating Room Scenario

Bogdan M. Maris and Paolo Fiorini


Medical image registration, image-guided devices and interventions, multimodal imaging, computer aided surgery


This paper presents a phantom study to asses the feasibility of the medical image registration algorithms in the operating room (OR) scenario. The main issues of the registration algorithms in an OR application are, on one hand, the lack of the initial guess of the registration transformation - the images to be registered may be completely independent- and, on the other hand, the multimodality of the data. Other requirements to be addressed by the OR registration algorithms are: real-time execution and the necessity of the validation of the results. This work analyzes how, under these requirements, the current state of the art algorithms in medical image registration may be used and shows which direction should be taken when designing a OR navigation system that includes registration as a component.

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