Flow Diverter in Cerebrovascular Aneurysm Treatment in its Influence on the Haemodynamics – A Review

Yi Qian


Flow diverter, Aneurysm, Haemodynamics


Flow Diverter stents have provided a new method of endovascular reconstruction for large and complex aneurysms. Understanding the impact of haemodynamic performance after the Flow Diverter deployment. The function of angle of curvature across the neck and its mesh density of Flow Diverters, in association with its flow resistance, is crucial to maximize the Mass Flow Reduction (MFR) inside the aneurysm, post deployment. The aim of this paper is to review the hemodynamic and clinical researches in the morphology of Flow Diverter across the aneurysm neck and cerebrovascular artery to influence to the outcomes of Flow Diverter treatment. Introduction

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