Coupling of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis and MCH Dehydrogenation in a Multifunctional Reactor

Luis Fernando Novazzi and Rafael Soares dos Santos


Fischer-Tropsch reactions, dehydrogenation, multifunctional reactor


Multifunctional reactors are used in chemical process industries and promote thermal coupling between an exothermic and an endothermic reaction. The former supplies energy to the latter so they can be carried out simultaneously. Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis coupled with methyl cyclohexane (MCH) dehydration in a multifunctional reactor was studied in this work, aiming the production of gasoline and hydrogen. The reactor was modelled by using material and energy balances for the reactional system, in a pseudo homogeneous, one dimensional and steady state model. Reaction kinetics were taken from the literature and the system of ordinary differential equations was solved in Matlab, in parallel flow. In addition to technical aspects, a preliminary economic evaluation was developed. Gasoline production was optimized and in the best operational conditions its yield was equal to 10.2 g / 100 g.

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