Find, Link and Treat; EHR Potential to Help Reach the 90-90-90 Goal for HIV/AIDS Control-Zambia

Gift Lyoko, Christine Simfukwe, and Davies Kimanga


SmartCare, MoH, EGPAF, eHealth, HIV


After about 30 years of HIV/AIDS control initiatives; epidemic control is now a plausible goal. It is for this reason that UNAIDS has come up with the 90-90-90 goal by 2020; which aims to identify 90% of those who are HIV infected, put on treatment 90% of those identified and ensure that 90% of those on treatment achieve and sustain viral suppression. Electronic medical records have a potential to greatly help this to be achieved within the health sector. With support from PEPFAR in Zambia; we developed a novel solution within SmartCare (Zambia’s National Electronic Health Record System) that can be applied at both the health facility and community level to ensure all primary contacts of HIV infected persons (index clients) access HIV testing. Those found positive are linked to HIV care services and those eligible are put on treatment. The facility based solution runs on laptops and desktops while the community based version runs on tablets and other compatible mobile devices. Since every HIV infected person not yet diagnosed is likely to be in one way or the other linked to those already identified or infected, it is our belief that this novel solution when fully and consistently used would significantly contribute to HIV epidemic control in Zambia.

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