Severity Analysis of Stick-slip Bifurcation in Drill-string Dynamics under Parameter Variation

Ibukunolu O Oladunjoye, Vahid Vaziri, James Ing, and Sumeet S. Aphale


Drill-string dynamics, stick-slip oscillation, drrill-string bifurcation, stick-slip severity


Bifurcations are an interesting class of dynamic behavior exhibited by many nonlinear systems. Drill string typically employed in underground oil exploration are highly nonlinear systems whose dynamic behavior has generated huge research interest. Though it is well-known that typical drill-strings behave like piecewise smooth systems and the severity of bifurcations they exhibit has not been studied in depth. In this work, a two degree of freedom (2-DOF) model of the drill-string is constructed and its dynamic behavior. In-depth analysis of the effect of parameter variation on the severity of bifurcations is conducted. This can potentially deliver key insights in the design of control strategies aimed at suppressing problematic stick-slip oscillation.

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