Measurement of Digital Photographic Image Quality: Survey of Psychophysics Just Noticeable Threshold Difference Method

Pierre M Lindeque, Andre Nel, and Philip Robinson


Image quality, local psychophysics, JND, Weber’s law, Fechner, psychophysical function


The modeling and quantification of digital photographic image quality has, from a psychophysics perspective, traditionally followed two paths, one of which is the discriminable small or just noticeable difference (local psychophysics) as detected in an image pair; further extended to cover a wide range of attribute artefactual quality variation. This method has its roots in the mathematical and psychological modeling of psychophysics and boasts a long history starting with the work of researchers such as Bernoulli, Weber and Fechner (18th, 19th century). The method models human perception of difference as a full scale logarithmic law and will be surveyed for its value in the determination of the quantitative quality of digital images.

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