Smart Homes: Energy Efficiency based on Demand Side Management and Game Theoretic Algorithm

Mohamed Sameer Hoosain, Suvendi Rimer, and Babu Sena Paul


Smart homes, energy management, demand side management (DSM), game theoretic algorithm


The smart home is an integral part of future energy management and control. The reduction of domestic energy consumption and improved energy efficiency of households will require intelligent systems that constantly monitor the household electricity usage and provides real-time updates to the user. This will lead to a bill reduction for households and energy efficiency. In this paper we investigate two concepts, namely; (i) the effect of a demand side management system, where a smart meter prototype was provided to each household depicting detailed and real-time information to the user, and (ii) a Game theoretic algorithm to manage and minimize the daily electricity expenditure and improve the energy efficiency of the domestic household. Computational results and data are provided and discussed that determine which system would work the best.

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