Dong Ren and Alex Martynenko


XBee module, 802.15.4 protocol, microcontrollers, Matlab, GUIs, LPC-H2148


This paper describes an application of wireless network using XBee modules and PC with Matlab for communicating, monitoring, and controlling autonomous robots. The main idea of this paper is the use of XBee modules for the wireless network connecting autonomous robots and connecting to Matlab in PC as the control centre. The new Matlab 2017 version supports updated graphical user interfaces and allows monitoring online the remote robots via cameras installed on them. The microcontroller on robots is used with LPC-H2148 which has two serial ports: one port for an XBee and the other port for a SIM card. The system with smart sensors, microcontrollers, XBee modules, and Matlab in PC provides a low-cost, low-energy consumption, and very strong data process ability to support the microcontrollers. Matlab can be used to store and process data, and then send back the calculated results to the robots. This system also allows the users monitoring and controlling the robots from their smart phones.

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