Meftah Mahmoud Mohamed, Jason Gu, and Jun Luo


Surgical robotic, skull, drilling, PID, fuzzy, SimMechanics


This paper describes the mechanism of building a modular design of a neurosurgical skull drilling robotic manipulator by using multiple simulation tools VRML, MATLAB, and Virtual Robotics Exper- imentation Platform (V-REP). This approach provides a unified framework for quick and cost-effective testing of control algorithms. Remote controller implemented in the MATLAB/Simulink environ- ment. Moreover, the system physical environment has been modeled on V-REP. MATLAB/Simulink controller synchronized with the V-REP by using ROS interface. Feedforward trajectory planner is designed for optimizing the performance of neurosurgical robotic manipulator used for human skull drilling. The required trajectory is planned with constrained dynamics for the robotic drilling sys- tem. A nonlinear fuzzy PID controller is used and compared with fuzzy inference system and PID controller. A nonlinear fuzzy con- troller deployed with improved execution speed. Simulation results show the smooth trajectory of fourth-order feedforward planner in comparison with rigid-body feedforward trajectory planner.

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