Robust LQG Control with Nonlinear Observers for Bioprocess Monitoring

M. M'Saad, O. Gehan, and M. Farza (France)


LQG Control, Usual Sensitivity Functions Shaping, Nonlinear Observer, Waste Treatment Process.


This paper presents a systematic approach for on-line monitoring of bioprocesses. Robust controllers and nonlinear observers are employed to achieve the required control performances while providing on-line estimates of the process key parameters. The control design is carried out using an engineering LQG control approach. Of fundamental interest, the design parameter specification is performed through an iterative procedure that provides an appropriate shaping of the usual sensitivity functions, ensuring thereby the underlying performances and robustness of the control system. Nonlinear observers are used to on-line estimate the reaction rates. They have been derived on the basis of bioreactors’ mathematical balance models and do not require any model for the reaction rates. The main features of the proposed approach are illustrated in simulation framework through an anaerobic digestion process used for waste treatment purposes.

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