Comparative Analysis of Squirrel Cage Self-excited Induction Generator During Load Rejection Transients

R. Wamkeue and I. Kamwa (Canada)


Induction generators, Type of cage, Load rejection, Comparative analysis, Simulation


The paper focus on comparative performance analysis of single and double-squirrel cage type three-phase self-excited induction generators (SEIG) during 100% load rejection test prediction. The analysis method is based on electromechanical current-controlled state space SEIG model previously proposed by authors. Iron saturation of the SEIG is taken into account in the present study. Numerical examples are given and discussed in detail in order to point out the incidence of generator design type on its dynamic prediction characteristics. Simulations reveal that during load rejection of SEIG, armature voltage decreases less for double-cage rotor than for single cage. However, over voltage is lower for the single type than the double-cage rotor.

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