Control and Application of Series Resonant Converter in Technical Cleaning System

P. Fabijański and R. Łagoda (Poland)


Modelling, power system ,FLC, resonant converters


. Sandwich type piezoelectric ceramic transducers are the most frequently applied source of ultrasounds in technical cleaning system. They have the ability to radiate in an ultrasonic medium, e.g. water, with maximum accoustic power when the vibration is activated by a current whose frequency equals the mechanical resonance frequency of the transducer. In resonant inverters the transducer units are part of the oscilating circuit, for which equivalent electrical circuit consist of connection in parallel: Co end Lp, Cp, Rp. The resonant frequuency of the real circuit varies during the operation in function of many parameters, among others, the most important are temperature, time, the column of cleaning factor, and the surface of the cleaned elements. In this situation, to obtain the maximum value of the converter efficiency, its important role of fuzzy logic control system to assure the optimal mechanical resonant frequencies of converter.

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