Detectability of Multiplicative Faults via Observer-based Residuals

E. Alcorta-García and A.D. Salas Armendáriz (Mexico)


Fault detection, fault detectability, observers, linear systems


The sensitivity of observer-based residuals to multiplicative faults is studied. Despite of the fact that observer-based ap proaches to Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) have been frequently associated to additive faults, in many cases the faults of a physical system have a multiplicative nature. In this work it is shown that given an observer-based residual generator there exist some multiplicative faults that could not be detected by this residual. The above fact represents a potential problem for the reliability. The unsensitivity of observer-based residuals to multiplicative faults is shown using an application example. The problem described in this work has not been reported before and it represents an important knowledge in order to develop adequate residu als for FDI.

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