A New Compact Multi-band Folded Polygonal Monopole for Automotive Applications

M. Cerretelli and G. Biffi Gentili (Italy)


Compact antenna, dual band, wideband, automotive, folded monopole, cellular telephony.


The objective of this paper is to design a small dual-band roof antenna for automotive applications, capable of operating in all the US and European mobile telephone bands, from AMPS to UMTS. The basic antenna, of the planar monopole type, is configured as a vertical fan with two narrow strips folding towards the ground plane. The planar radiating element is etched on a single sided, low cost, medium permittivity thin substrate to improve its robustness and reduce fabrication costs. The new antenna design is compared with other fractal and non-fractal designs that efficiently use the same antenna volume and then allow similar performances. A variation of the basic structure is also proposed that allows an easy integration of a small GPS patch antenna and provides optimum radiation and bandwidth performances, when a proper matching network is employed.

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