Antennas, Radar, and Wave Propagation    (ARP 2004)

July 8 – 10, 2004
Banff, Canada
Editor(s): C. Christodoulou
228 pages
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Track Antennas and Antenna Arrays FreeSubscription
425-014 The Theory of Fractal Arrays on the Base of the Atomic Functions
V.F. Kravchenko and V.M. Masyuk (Russia)
425-017 Novel Photonically-controlled Reflectarray Antenna
M.R. Chaharmir, J. Shaker, M. Cuhaci, and A. Sebak (Canada)
425-020 Conjugate-direction Decomposition based Fast Stable Algorithm of Adaptive Beamforming
W. Khlebnikov, S.-H. Kim, and D.-H. Kim (Korea)
425-021 A Comparison between PCB Substrate Integrated Antenna and LTCC Antenna at Millimeter-wave
J.W. Lee, B.S. Kim, K.S. Kim, K.C. Eun, and M.S. Song (Korea)
425-022 Edge-fed Patch Antenna Arrays with Reduced Spurious Radiation
W.S.T. Rowe (Australia) and R.B. Waterhouse (USA)
425-023 Mobile Satellite Access Antenna with Perturbed Array Structure
S.I. Jeon, S.H. Son, K.H. Lee, and C.J. Kim (Korea)
425-036 A PO based Method for the Efficient Computation of Reflector Antenna Patterns
F. D'Agostino, F. Ferrara, C. Gennarelli, and G. Riccio (Italy)
425-037 Antenna Directivity Evaluation by Spherical Spiral Scanning in Near Field Region
F. D'Agostino, F. Ferrara, C. Gennarelli, G. Riccio, and C. Savarese (Italy)
425-041 Design and Implement a Contactless Smart Card Antenna
L.M. Cheng and L.L. Cheng (PRC)
425-048 Investigation of Phased Array Beam Steering using Reconfigurable Antennas
K. Hietpas, G.H. Huff, and J.T. Bernhard (USA)
425-052 Effects of Mutual Coupling in Arrays of Radiation Reconfigurable Antennas
G.H. Huff and J.T. Bernhard (USA)
425-053 Design and Analysis of U-shaped Multi-element Antennas Printed on a Dielectric Substrate
S.S. Kathayat and T. Wakabayashi (Japan)
425-054 A Comparison between Capacity of a MIMO and Phased Array System
R. Fazel-Rezai, S. Noghanian, L. Shafai, and S. Safavi-Naeini (Canada)
425-062 Reducing the Width of E-shaped Patch Antennas for Wireless Applications
Y. Ge, K.P. Esselle, and T.S. Bird (Australia)
425-066 Photonic Crystal Horn Antenna Coupler
L. Horvath, A.R. Weily, K.P. Esselle (Australia), and B.C. Sanders (Australia, Canada)
425-073 A New Compact Multi-band Folded Polygonal Monopole for Automotive Applications
M. Cerretelli and G. Biffi Gentili (Italy)
425-074 Mixed Feeding Network for Planar Array Antenna
Y. Huang, K.-L. Wu, D.-G. Fang (PRC), and M. Ehlert (USA)
425-085 A Multi-Functional Stacked Patch Antenna for Wireless Power Beaming and Data Telemetry
G. Yang, M. Ali, and R. Dougal (USA)
425-086 Four-Arm 2nd Mode Equiangular Slot Spiral Antenna with Infinite Balun Feed
N.A. Stutzke and D. Filipovic (USA)
Track Computational Electromagnetics FreeSubscription
425-015 An Efficient Hybrid Scheme for Periodic Green's Functions
D. Wang, K.N.Y. Edward, and R. Chen (PRC)
425-034 The R-Functions Method for Solving Integral Equations of Electromagnetic Wave Diffraction
M.A. Basarab and V.F. Kravchenko (Russia)
425-049 Modeling and Simulation of Wave Scattering from Multi-scale Surfaces
N.C. Kuo and A.K. Fung (USA)
425-055 Microwave Imaging of Three-dimensional Dielectric Objects using Micro-genetic Algorithm
T. Huang and A.S. Mohan (Australia)
425-061 Phase Unwrapping in the Presence of Scattering Nulls and Applications to Microwave Imaging
Q. Fang, P.M. Meaney, and K.D. Paulsen (USA)
425-063 Time-domain Computations using Source Functions and Field-source Equilibrium Relations
D. Mitrovich (USA)
425-070 Application of Extended Huygens' Principle to Dielectric Posts in Waveguide
R.H. Geschke (S. Africa), R.L. Ferrari (UK), D.B. Davidson, and P. Meyer (South Africa)
Track Materials and Structures FreeSubscription
425-026 Modeling of Liquid Crystal Tunable Microwave Phase Shifter Exploiting Artificial Neural Networks
J. Martínez, P. Sánchez, G. Doménech, J.A. López, J. Garrigós, and J. Hinojosa (Spain)
425-046 Design the Duplexer and Dual-band Filter with Multiple Capacitively Loaded Coupled Lines
C.-W. Tang and S.-F. You (Taiwan)
425-047 Resonant Wave Propagation in Periodic Dielectric Structures
E. Semouchkina, A. Baker, G. Semouchkin, C. Randall, and M. Lanagan (USA)
425-050 Physical Properties of Wave Scattering by Chiral Periodic Structure
X. Yang and T.X. Wu (USA)
425-078 Extraction Method of the Dielelectric Tensor Characteristics for Nematic Liquid Crystals using Two-layer Shielded Microstrip
J. Hinojosa and J. Martínez (Spain)
Track Radars FreeSubscription
425-018 A Blind March Filter Method for a Wideband Ground Radar System
F. Nishiyama and H. Murakami (Japan)
425-032 Site-specific Simulation of Clutter-limited Radar Systems
B. Cobo, L. Valle, and R.P. Torres (Spain)
425-033 ECM and ECCM Against Broadband Radar using Stretch Processing
J.G. Worms (Germany)
425-067 Subsurface Interface Detection using Bispectral Features and Ground Penetrating Radar
A.D. Strange, V. Chandran, and J.C. Ralston (Australia)
425-076 Study of Phased Array Pulse Doppler Radar Processor
H. Hu (PRC)
425-082 IFSAR Modeling of Terrains and Targets using a Ray-based Electromagnetic Technique
R. Bhalla and H. Ling (USA)
425-083 Clutter Reduction of GPR Images using Multiscale Products
D. Flores-Tapia, G. Thomas, and M.C. Phelan (Canada)
Track Wave Propagation FreeSubscription
425-031 Measurement and Statistical Analysis of the Temporal Variations of a Fixed Wireless Link at 3.5 GHz
B. Cobo, D. Mavares, F. Medina, and R.P. Torres (Spain)
425-035 Computation of the RCS of a Chaff Cloud
S. Kashyap and A. Louie (Canada)
425-060 Performance of Beamforming and MIMO Technique in an Indoor Ricean Clustering Channel
Z. Tang and A.S. Mohan (Australia)
425-088 Scattering of Electromagnetic Wave by Axially Symmetrical Obstacles on Conducting Plane
Y.V. Shepilko (Ukraine)
425-089 Extension of Kac's Solution of the Telegrapher Equation and Applicatio n to Waveform Distortion and Designing
S.K. Foong (Singapore)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This Publication covers the following topics: Antennas And Antenna Arrays, Computational Electromagnetics, Materials And Structures, Radars, Wave Propagation.

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