Reducing the Width of E-shaped Patch Antennas for Wireless Applications

Y. Ge, K.P. Esselle, and T.S. Bird (Australia)


Microstrip antenna, Patch antenna, Broadband antenna, WLAN, Wireless application


: We investigate ways of reducing the width of an E-shaped microstrip patch antenna (ESPA) without significantly affecting the bandwidth. We propose to introduce corrugations to the wings of the ESPA for this purpose. Our initial results indicate that the width of a broadband ESPA can be reduced from 33mm to 25mm using this technique while maintaining the same bandwidth. First we present a narrow, 25mm ESPA with a coaxial probe feed. Then we modify the ESPA configuration with a strip-feed structure, which is more compatible with microstrip transmission lines. Finally we compare a microstrip-fed, planar ESPA with a microstrip fed corrugated ESPA.

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