Investigation of Phased Array Beam Steering using Reconfigurable Antennas

K. Hietpas, G.H. Huff, and J.T. Bernhard (USA)


--Reconfigurable antenna, phased array antennas, microstrip antenna.


--In this paper, a novel method to create a large beam scan with a microstrip antenna array is discussed and its usefulness is explored. Using pattern reconfigurable microstrip antennas in place of microstrip patch antennas, a broader beam scan capability is achieved around 6.78 GHz. This antenna design is able to shift from broadside to endfire, enabling a one-dimensional array to achieve greater adaptability than a traditional microstrip patch array. Simulations of the antenna elements and array configuration are discussed with varying beam scans demonstrated. Potential applications of this style of array and directions for future work are discussed.

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