A Comparison between PCB Substrate Integrated Antenna and LTCC Antenna at Millimeter-wave

J.W. Lee, B.S. Kim, K.S. Kim, K.C. Eun, and M.S. Song (Korea)


LTCC antenna, PCB integrated antenna, cavity backed resonator


: In this paper, two types of antenna applicable to RF transceiver module at millimeter-wave frequency regime are introduced and compared with each other. It is found that the wide impedance bandwidth can be realized from a decrease of the employed dielectric constant, r and an increase of the substrate thickness by investigating and comparing the simulated and measured data of the proposed antennas. The bandwidth obtained from the PCB substrate integrated antenna is above 15% with cavity-backed resonator under the impedance matched feeding line whereas the bandwidth of LTCC antenna amounts to 5%. The impedance bandwidth of PCB substrate integrated antenna is larger than that of LTCC antenna due to the lower dielectric constant(r =2.2 of RT/Duroid 5880 with 10mils thickness) and the low surface wave loss radiated from the dielectric slab.

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