Effects of Mutual Coupling in Arrays of Radiation Reconfigurable Antennas

G.H. Huff and J.T. Bernhard (USA)


Reconfigurable, Antenna, Mutual Coupling, Microstrip


This work presents an empirical study on the mutual coupling within two small square arrays of radiation reconfigurable antennas. The antenna elements in these arrays are capable of either broadside or endfire radiation behavior; each configuration operating within a common impedance bandwidth. Previous studies on the array behavior of the antennas have determined key operating conditions which allow the array to recover the fundamental reconfigurable behavior; however, the resulting array spacing creates inter-element distances of less than one-tenth to one-twentieth of a wavelength at the center of the shared impedance bandwidth. Since the antenna geometry is not symmetric, the resulting coupling between elements in the array is anti-symmetric. Effects from this coupling behavior have been seen in the pattern behavior and impedance for the antennas, prompting further investigation.

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