An Efficient Hybrid Scheme for Periodic Green's Functions

D. Wang, K.N.Y. Edward, and R. Chen (PRC)


Shank's Transformation, Ewald's Method, Periodic Green's Functions, Planar Stratified Medium.


In this letter, an efficient hybrid scheme is presented to fast evaluate periodic Green's functions for a planar stratified structure. With the aid of the matrix pencil-of-function technique, the Green's function is represented in terms of a series, which is slowly convergent and can be accelerated through Ewald's method. After the slowly converging series is removed, the Shank transformation is then used to sum the remaining spectral terms. As a result, the proposed technique greatly accelerates summation of the periodic Green function and significantly reduces the computational time when compared with the spectral summation and direct Shank transformation. Numerical examples are preformed to demonstrate rapidity and accuracy of the proposed technique.

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