Set based Methodology for Hybrid Modeling on Communication Systems

A.F. Yaroslavtsev (Russia)


Hybrid, simulation and analytical modeling, dynamicsystems, communication networks.


A methodology for hybrid modeling on communication networks is proposed. Based on this methodology a hybrid model is represented as a combined structure of various types of partially selected models. Formalization in dynamic systems of such hybrid models is given. A usage of the proposed methodology is illustrated by an example of a hybrid model and as a schema of a modeling program for the same model. This modeling program we develop is called "MONAD" which is an open programming tool for mathematical modeling of communication networks. This software is designed for a performance evaluation of communication networks and for problems of delays estimation. At present, discrete event simulation and queuing network models can be used as elements of hybrid models. For new modeling tasks the software MONAD can be extended by means of adding new classes of mathematical models. This software supports libraries of partial models and also libraries of components of their models.

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