ACIT - Communication Systems    (ACIT-CS 2005)

June 20 – 24, 2005
Novosibirsk, Russia
Editor(s): Yu.I. Shokin, O.I. Potaturkin
148 pages
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Track Modeling, Estimation and Simulation in Communications FreeSubscription
488-026 Discrete Channel Models Application for Error Analysis in Rayleigh Channels
G.A.B. Marcondes and J.M.C. Brito (Brazil)
488-028 Inter-Satellite Link Sub-Network Routing with a Hopfield Neural Network
P. Stavroulakis, I. Dimou, N.J. Farsaris, and H.G. Sandalidis (Greece)
488-041 Protocol Conformance using a Progressive Test Approach
J. Mamede, E. Carrapatoso, and M. Ricardo (Portugal)
488-057 Performance of the Recursive Systematic Convolutional Turbo Codes for Turbo Coding
S.C. Cho, J.U. Kim, K.T. Lee, and K.R. Cho (Korea)
488-058 Performance Evaluation of a CIDF_based IDS System
Z. Fang, L. Yuan, X. Jiao, X. Song, Y. Hong, J. Xuan, Y. Li, and X. Li (PRC)
488-067 Theory of Nonlinear Process of Formation of Non-Uniform Photopolymer Holographic Grating
E.A. Dovolnov and S.N. Sharangovich (Russia)
488-068 On High-Precision Measurement of Network Performance in Grid Environments
E. Siemens and C. Grimm (Germany)
488-069 Breakpoint Distance LOS Path Loss Model for Indoor Communication using ANFIS
S. Phaiboon, P. Phokharatkul, and S. Somkurnpanich (Thailand)
488-070 Analysis of the Influence of Self-Similar Traffic in the Performance of Real Time Applications
P.H.P. de Carvalho, H. Abdalla Jr., A.M. Soares, P.S. Barreto, and P. Tarchetti (Brazil)
488-071 A PRNN Based Nonlinear Adaptative Receiver for Wideband CDMA
D. Emir, B. Abdellatif, and B. Ammar (Tunisia)
488-812 Real Time Resource Management in VOIP Voice Data Processing Systems
L. Harutyunyan and H. Gardishyan (Armenia)
488-814 Set based Methodology for Hybrid Modeling on Communication Systems
A.F. Yaroslavtsev (Russia)
Track Wireless Communication FreeSubscription
488-008 Improvement of the Access Channel Algorithm in the CDMA2000 System
K.-J. Lee, S.-H. Rhee, J.-H. Chun, and J.-A. Park (Korea)
488-009 Optimization Design of the WCDMA System Receiver based on a Programmable Low-Noise Amplifier
J.-H. Chun, T.-S. Park, T.-O. Kim, K.-S. Seo, and J.-A. Park (Korea)
488-016 Equalization and Decoding Algorithms in Broadband Fixed Wireless Access
P. Xiao, R. Carrasco, and I. Wassell (UK)
488-017 Soft Demodulation with Interference Cancellation/Suppression for M-ARY DS-CDMA System
P. Xiao, R. Carrasco (UK), and E. Ström (Sweden)
488-032 Dualband Microstrip Array for Wireless Communication
V.B. Romodin and L.V. Shebalkova (Russia)
488-040 Use of Artificial Intelligence as Support for Applications in Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks
J.J. Martinez Castillo (Spain)
Track Network based on Intelligent Control (Special Session) FreeSubscription
488-801 A Framework for Sharing Intelligence among Mobile Robots on a Network
N.K. Toppo and S.B. Nair (India)
488-808 Robust Control of PID Controller using Bacterial Foraging based Optimization
D.H. Kim (Korea)
488-809 Robust Control of Power Plant using Immune Algorithm
D.H. Kim and J.H. Cho (Korea)
488-810 Networked Based Intelligent Motor-Control Systems using IEEE/EIA 709.1 Fieldbus
W.-P. Hong and D.H. Kim (Korea)
Track Network Protocols, Standards, Management, and Security FreeSubscription
488-037 A New Efficient and Realistic Polling Scheme for Bluetooth
S.-W. Lin and T.-C. Huang (Taiwan)
488-038 A Polling Scheme for Bluetooth Piconets Considering on Both Uplink and Downlink Queues
T.-S. Pan and T.-C. Huang (Taiwan)
488-059 Design and Implementation of a New CIDF_based IDS System
Z. Fang, Z. Liu, Y. Zhai, J. Pang, X. Wang, J. Xuan, Y. Li, and X. Li (PRC)
488-815 Non-Deterministic Multi-Probe Routing
J. Chen (PRC)
488-816 A Secure Migration Method of Mobile Agents on Ja-Net on Grid
S. Numata, T. Itao, T. Ogawa, M. Tsukamoto, and S. Nishio (Japan)
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This publication covers the following topics: Modeling, Estimation and Simulation in Communications; Wireless Communication; Network based on Intelligent Control; and Network Protocols, Standards, Management, and Security.

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