Analysis of the Influence of Self-Similar Traffic in the Performance of Real Time Applications

P.H.P. de Carvalho, H. Abdalla Jr., A.M. Soares, P.S. Barreto, and P. Tarchetti (Brazil)


self-similar, MPLS, traffic characterization, convergednetworks.


In this work we present a network convergence environment and the results of the performance evaluation of real time applications in the presence of self similar traffic with different levels of burstiness. Our primary goal is to prove that the grooming of traffic flows that may result in different burstiness levels, represented by the Hurst parameter, has to be considered in the mapping of traffic flows in FEC (Forwarding Equivalence Class). We show the results of two different experiments and the latency, losses and interarrival time calculus related to a real time application. Also we make our considerations of how the traffic characterization procedure should promote an improvement in the development of traffic engineering procedures.

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