Improvement of the Access Channel Algorithm in the CDMA2000 System

K.-J. Lee, S.-H. Rhee, J.-H. Chun, and J.-A. Park (Korea)


ACCESS CHANNEL, CDMA2000, probe, NUM_STEP, PWR_STEP, RT Parameter Algorithm


This paper aims to optimize an access probe algorithm for the CDMA 2000 system. The incremental value of PWR_STEP increases as NUM_STEP as 1dBm0.2 for access probe of the area with good receiving sensitivity when the mobile station transmits via access channel and does not receive any ACK message. However, for the area with weak receiving sensitivity, according to the algorithm of open-loop power control, the transmitting power amplifier becomes saturated and PWR_STEP incremental value keeps performing access probe to 0dBm0.2. Therefore interference and battery consumption increases according to the transmission of the mobile station. We have optimized the access probe algorithm according to the receiving sensitivity. We transmit the incremental value of access probe power, with delaying as much RT slot value as indicated by IS 95C standard in case of good receiving sensitivity and with delaying RT+1 slot value in case of weak receiving sensitivity. Simulation results showed that the proposed algorithm contributes to decrease of the interference and battery consumption according to the transmitting power of the mobile station and improves the call duration.

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