Optimization Design of the WCDMA System Receiver based on a Programmable Low-Noise Amplifier

J.-H. Chun, T.-S. Park, T.-O. Kim, K.-S. Seo, and J.-A. Park (Korea)


WCDMA, LNA, CNR, DCS, PCS, Optimization design


To improve the performances of a WCDMA receiver system such as out-of-band blocking characteristics, spurious response attenuation and intermodulation characteristics, LNA_ON or LNA bypass within the system have been used. The IIP3 parameter can be improved, but total noise indexes and the CNR parameter value may decrease, and, due to increased FER of receiving sensitivity, a decrease in communication quality may occur accompanied by call-drop. This study presented a design technique to optimize the performance of the WCDMA receiver system. The technique involves using programmable LNA, and inserting it based on the interactions between parameters of IIP3, NF, and CNR. When this study applied the optimized values of LNA parameter to simulate the receiver, the performance of intermodulation spurious response attenuation showed improvement greater than when LNA_on was applied, noise index was greatly improved compared to LNA_bypass applications. This suggests that an optimized design technique contributed to improved communication quality of the WCDMA receiver system.

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