Dualband Microstrip Array for Wireless Communication

V.B. Romodin and L.V. Shebalkova (Russia)


Wireless communications, microstrip antennas, arrays, multilayered structures.


These patches are operating as ground plane for the 1875 MHz patches. The microstrip feeding network is printed at the bottom dielectric substrate FLAN, = 5, tg=0,0015, thickness 2 mm. The bottom and middle substrate have the common metal layer as ground plane for the 900 MHz patches and feeding network. The patches are exited by pins via holes. This article describes design of dualband multilayered microstrip antenna for the mobile communication. Antenna is operated in GSM frequency range (900, 1875 MHz), gain is equal 10 dB and front-to-back ratio 17 dB. Stacked microstrip elements are composed in array for the of high directivity obtaining. Radiating elements at each frequency have different array periods for secondary main lobe elimination on the higher frequency. The patches dimensions, feeding network, diameters of pins, holes and their positions were modeled by Agilent HFSS 5.6.

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