Use of Artificial Intelligence as Support for Applications in Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks

J.J. Martinez Castillo (Spain)


Interoperability, Ad Hoc networks, Bluetooth , IEEE 802.11, simulation, artificial intelligence, neural networks


The advance in the field of the artificial intelligence, the progress in its application in the area of the telecommunications and the scientific growing interest in the ad hoc nets are reasons to think about scenarios of coexistence and interoperability among the two main associate technologies, the wireless technologies Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11. it implies the union of enormous markets and scientific fields with not very much in common up to now, which will open new expectations and changes in the paradigms, not only in the models of current business but in the form these technologies will influence our future. The objective of this work is to give an introduction to the form in which the aforementioned technologies can interact inside the aforementioned context, to illustrate the state of the investigations and current developments and to study the future scenarios of convergence of the same ones.

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