Robust Control of PID Controller using Bacterial Foraging based Optimization

D.H. Kim (Korea)


PID control; Disturbance control; Bacterial algorithm, Optimal algorithm; Motor control.


In this paper, design approach of PID controller with rejection function against external disturbance in motor control system is proposed using bacterial foraging based optimal algorithm. Up to the present time, PID Controller has been used to operate for AC motor drive because of its implementational advantages in practice and simple structure. However, it is not easy to achieve an optimal PID gain with no experience, since the gain of the PID controller has to be manually tuned by trial and error in the industrial system with disturbance. To design disturbance rejection tuning, disturbance rejection conditions based on H are illustrated and the performance of response based on the bacterial foraging is computed for the designed PID controller as ITSE (Integral of time weighted squared error). Hence, parameters of PID controller are selected by bacterial foraging based optimal algorithm to obtain the required response.

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