Networked Based Intelligent Motor-Control Systems using IEEE/EIA 709.1 Fieldbus

W.-P. Hong and D.H. Kim (Korea)


Devices-level networks, intelligent motor-control systems, LonWorks network, MCC, distributed control system


The integration of intelligent devices, devices-level networks, and software into motor control systems can deliver improved diagnostics, fast warnings for increased system reliability, design flexibility, and simplified wiring. Remote access to motor-control information also affords an opportunity for reduced exposure to hazardous voltage and improved personnel safety during startup and trouble shooting. This paper presents LonWorks fieldbus networked intelligent induction control system architecture. Experimental bed system with two inverter motor driving system for controlling 1.5kW induction motor is configured for LonWorks networked intelligent motor control. In recent years, MCCs have evolved to include component technologies, such as variable-speed drives, solid-state starters, and electronic overload relays. Integration was accomplished through hardwiring to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or distributed control system (DCS). Device-level communication networks brought new possibilities for advanced monitoring, control and diagnostics. This LonWorks network offered the opportunity for greatly simplified wiring, eliminating the bundles of control interwiring and corresponding complex interwiring diagrams. An intelligent MCC connected in device level control network proves users with significant new information for preventing or minimizing downtime. This information includes warnings of abnormal operation, identification of trip causes, automated logging of events, and electronic documentation. In order to show the application of the multi-motors control system, the prototype control system is implemented. This paper is the first step to drive multi-motors with serial communication which can satisfy the real time operation using LonWorks network.

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