A Polling Scheme for Bluetooth Piconets Considering on Both Uplink and Downlink Queues

T.-S. Pan and T.-C. Huang (Taiwan)


Bluetooth, Polling Scheme, Piconets, uplink/downlink queue.


Bluetooth is a low cost, low power consumption, short range radio technology working on the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Recently, several typical polling schemes have been presented to enhance the performance on asymmetric transmissions between the master and slave. However, such polling algorithms consider only either the uplink queue or the downlink queue state for scheduling. This study proposes UDPS, a new Polling Scheme for Bluetooth piconets addresses both Uplink and Downlink queues, considering to remain fair and efficient in asymmetric flow rates. Simulations confirm that the performance of the UDPS compares favorably with that of traditional polling approaches.

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