The Mutative Scale Chaos Optimization and Linear Interior Method for Reactive Power Optimization

C. Jiang, C. Wang (PRC), and T. Li (USA)


Distribution Network; Reactive Power Optimization; OPF; Mutative Scale Chaos


The optimal compensation for reactive power is an effective means of elevating voltage rating, decreasing the network losses and maintaining a distribution network running under appropriate conditions. To solve the problems of time-consuming convergence and restricted initial value in the conventional OPF, this paper, analyzing reactive power optimization via OPF, provides a new OPF method base on mutative scale chaos optimization and linear interior point. Chaos motion can jump out of local optimal point while linear interior point enjoys excellent optimization performance in the neighborhood of the optimal point. This paper takes advantage of both. Thus, the new method not only accelerates convergence but also increases precision, so it is an efficient way of the optimization of the capacitor banks and the adjustable transformer ratio. Tested by the IEEE-30, the method is effective.

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