PowerCON 2003 - Special Theme: BLACKOUT    (PowerCon 2003)

December 10 – 12, 2003
New York, USA
Editor(s): Alexander Domijan, Jr.
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Track Power Quality FreeSubscription
434-018 SVC Circuit with Partial Active Filter Functions
K. Matsui, H. Kojima, I. Yamamoto, M. Hasegawa, H. Mori, and F. Ueda (Japan)
434-052 Single-phase PQ Theory for Real-Time Harmonic Current Compensation
X. Jin, W. Lu, and G. Zhou (PRC)
434-091 Investigations of the Transients Due to Switching Operation of Capacitor Banks in a Distribution System
R. Sarathi, H.S. Kumar, C. Venkataseshaiah, and A. Kalyanasundaram (India)
434-110 On the Selection of Appropriate Wavelet Filter Bank for Power Quality Monitoring
A. Domijan, A. Hari, and T. Lin (USA)
434-111 Real-Time Platform for Implementation of Control Techniques for Uninterruptible Power Systems in Matlab/Simulink® Envirnoment
G. Willmann, L.F.A. Pereira, J.F. Haffner, and F.B. Líbano (Brazil)
Track Power System Reliability and Stability FreeSubscription
434-039 Improving the Lightning Performance of Overhead Distribution Lines in Thailand using Lightning Protection Design Workstation (LPDW)
T. Thanasaksiri, S. Premrudeepreechachan, W. Tayati, and P. Jirapong (Thailand)
434-048 New Possibilities of Power Grid Modernization with Gas Insulated Lines
G. Schoeffner and H. Koch (Germany)
434-053 The Mutative Scale Chaos Optimization and Linear Interior Method for Reactive Power Optimization
C. Jiang, C. Wang (PRC), and T. Li (USA)
434-056 Proposal of Monitor System for Studying Life Expenditure of Turbine-Generator Shaft System
H. Sugimoto, M. Goto, Y. Yokomizu, and T. Matsumura (Japan)
434-066 Thermal Breakdown Phenomenon in High Temperature CO2 and Air under DC-Voltage Application
P.C. Almiron, Y. Yokomizu, and T. Matsumura (Japan)
434-087 Visualization of Power System Static and Dynamic Characteristic
M. Okuda, Y. Minami, G. Shirai, and R. Yokoyama (Japan)
434-090 Investigations of Breakdown Characteristics of Nitrogen Gas under Non-standard Oscillatory Transient Voltage
R. Sarathi, R. Bhattarai, and C. Venkataseshaiah (India)
434-093 Power-line Phase Measurement System Based on the Recursive Sliding-DFT
B.-I. Kim, B.-S. Ahn, and T.-G. Chang (Korea)
434-117 Analysis of Rain, Wind and Temperature Effects on Power Distribution Outages
A. Domijan, R.K. Matavalam, A. Montenegro, W.S. Willcox, J.R. Diaz, L. Davis, and J. D'Ago
434-801 Energy Infrastructure Survivability, Inherent Limitations, Obstacles and Mitigation Strategies
F. Sheldon, T. Potok, A. Loebl, A. Krings, and P. Oman (USA)
Track Blackout Preventation and Assessment FreeSubscription
434-032 Risk of Power System Blackout caused by Auxiliary DC Installation Failure
S. Skok, S. Tesnjak, and M. Filipovic (Croatia)
434-072 The Belgian Power Balance
L. Meeus, K. Purchala, and R. Belmans (Belgium)
434-079 Defence Plan against Massive Blackouts of a Large Interconnected Power System in a Deregulated Environment: The Argentinean Case
J.L. Magaz (Spain) and A.R. Capara (Argentina)
434-081 The Blackouts of the Power Grid of North America – A Review
N. Hossein-Zadeh and A. Kalam (Australia)
434-084 Defense Plan and Emergency Control to Prevent Power System from Collapse in China
Z. Liu, G. Sun, H. Zong, and Y. Zheng (PRC)
434-108 Transient Response Study of Bangladesh Power System
A.R. Hasan, Y. Wan (USA), A. Kabir, and M. Rahman (Bangladesh)
Track Planning, Generation, and Distribution FreeSubscription
434-020 Restructuring of the Lebanese Electric Power Sector: An Independent Study
R.F. Ghajar (Lebanon)
434-030 Economics of Reliable Power
T. Dueck (USA)
434-042 Estimation of Energy Yield from Wind Turbine Generators
P.R.J. Campbell and K. Adamson (UK)
434-085 Enhancement of Available Transfer Capability by Generator Control Based on Equilibrium Point Analysis for Standard Model System
S. Kawamoto, J. Zhang, and H. Yamamoto (Japan)
434-121 Power System Load Modeling using a RBF GRNN with Self-starting Centers
G.L. Lebby, K.M. Stevenson, and G.H. Shi (USA)
434-128 Generation Adequacy in Europe: A Decision Framework
L.J. de Vries and R.A. Hakvoort (The Netherlands)
434-129 A Parallel Distributed Method for Power System Load Flow
G.L. Lebby, A.B. Darmand, and K.J. Jones (USA)
434-130 Load Pocket Forecasting Software
E.A. Feinberg, D. Genethliou, J.T. Hajagos, B.G. Irrgang, R.J. Rossin, and D.E. Feinberg (USA)
Track Power System Restoration, Protection, and Diagnostics FreeSubscription
434-028 Development of Under-fault Procedures and Contingency Plans to Restore Transmission Substations in the Colombian Power System
J. Mora (Spain), G. Carrillo, and J. Jaimes (Colombia)
434-076 Restoration of Power to Large Secondary Network Distribution Systems After a Blackout
A. Balikci, D. Wang, H. Huang, Z. Zabar, and D. Czarkowski (USA)
434-097 Application of Particle Swarm Optimization for Electric Power System Restoration
J.J. Jiménez and J.R. Cedeño (Puerto Rico)
434-104 IPRS: A Decentralized Framework for Controlling Electrical Energy Distribution Networks with Intelligent Power Routers
I. Vergara and M. Rodriguez-Martinez (Puerto Rico)
434-113 Temporary Overvoltages during Field Tests of System Restoration after Blackout: Analysis of the Phenomenon and Possible Countermeasures
E. Cinieri, M. Sforna, A. Carrus, and F.M. Gatta (Italy)
434-119 An Improved Service Restoration Time Estimation Technique for Distribution Systems
M.R. Mohan and K. Manjunath (India)
434-122 Design and Building of Relay Protection Data Warehouse System
R. Li and Y.-T. Li (PRC)
434-127 New Fault Location Algorithms for Unbalanced Distribution Power Systems using Matrix Inverse Lemma in Fault Analysis
M.-S. Choi and S.-J. Lee (Korea)
Track Power Electronics and Converter & Filter Systems FreeSubscription
434-005 Application of STATCOM in EHV Transmission Line
M.H. Naeem, P.B. Kartik, and K. Boniface (Malaysia)
434-017 A Novel Chopper Circuit with Separate Multi-Load
I. Yamamoto, K. Matsui, and H. Mori (Japan)
434-036 Significance of Thyristor-controlled Series Compensations in Restructured Power Systems
M.I. Alomoush (Jordan)
434-086 Power System Quality Improvement using Doubly-fed Rotary Frequency Converter
M. Kajihara, K. Ezaki, M. Okuda, G. Fujita, R. Yokoyama, K. Koyanagi, and T. Funabashi (Japan)
434-094 Fuzzy Stabilizer for Unified Power Flow Controller
D. Menniti, A. Burgio, A. Pinnarelli, and N. Sorrentino (Italy)
Track Additional Papers FreeSubscription
434-114 Using Bayesian Networks of Events to Fault Diagnosis in Power Systems
G. Arroyo-Figueroa (Mexico)
434-123 SICORP: An Enterprise Data Warehouse for a Mexican Utility Company
M. Mejia Lavalle, R. Molina, N. Jacome, L. Argotte, I. Galvan, A. Martinez, and G. Arroyo-
Track Additional Abstracts FreeSubscription
434-045 Improvement of Static Voltage and Power Stability using Shunt and Series FACTS Devices
H.A. Shayanfar, M. Hosseini, and H. Shayeghi (Iran)
434-062 Power System Load Frequency Control using ANN based on Robust Control Technique
H. Shayeghi, H.A. Shayanfar, and M. Hosseini (Iran)
434-064 An Improvement of ST Generator for Trip due to Grid Voltage Sag
T.P. Tsao and C.C. Ning (Taiwan)
434-068 A New Method for Computing Dynamic ATC
M. Eidiani (Iran)
434-077 Application Novel GA-based Approach and Neural Fuzzy Networks for Short-Term Load Forecasting
G.-C. Liao and T.-P. Tsao (Taiwan)
434-083 Reduction in Severity of Circuit Breaker Duty under Generator-fed Fault Condition by Means of Resistive Fault Current Limiter
E. Calixte, Y. Yokomizu, T. Matsumura, and H. Fujita (Japan)
434-089 Cascade Loop Analysis for Multi-Area AGC Systems
P. Li and Y. Wei (PRC)
434-095 Risk Analysis in the Optimization of Physical Asset Portfolios in Electrical Energy Generation
E.G. Domingues, H. Arango, J. Policarpo, G. Abreu, D.M. Camposilvan, and T.S. Domingues (Brazil)
434-098 Identification of Multiple Dynamic Network Structure Changes for Preventing Blackout
S. Zhou and Z. Liu (PRC)
434-099 Hopf Bifurcation Related Oscillatory Instabilities between Geographically Scattered Clusters in Interconnected Power Systems
Y. Genç (Turkey), H. Schättler, and J. Zaborszky (USA)
434-103 A New Reliability Assessment Framework in the Changing Industry
Y.T. Yoon and F.A. Felder (USA)
434-109 An Ancillary Service-ased Preventive Control to Prevent Severe Emergencies
O.E. Moya (Chile)
434-118 Utility Trends Creating Electric Grid Reliability Concerns
D.O. Koval, J. Burke (Canada), A.A. Chowdhury (USA), and K. Provost (Canada)
434-125 Allocation of FACTS Devices to Enhance Dynamic Performance of Multi-Machine Power Systems
D. Menniti, A. Pinnarelli, and N. Sorrentino (Italy)
434-126 Impacts of Distributed Synchronous Generators on Inter-Area Oscillatory Stability
Ý. Genç and Ö. Usta (Turkey)
Track Papers from Other IASTED Conferences FreeSubscription
409-003 Optimal Sizing Cogeneration Power Plants using TOSCS Model
R. Hashemi and S.M.T. Bathaee (Iran)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics covered in this publication include: power quality; power system reliability and stability; blackout prevention and assessment; planning, generation, and distribution; power system restoration, protection, and diagnostics; and power electronics and converter & filter systems.

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