Improving the Lightning Performance of Overhead Distribution Lines in Thailand using Lightning Protection Design Workstation (LPDW)

T. Thanasaksiri, S. Premrudeepreechachan, W. Tayati, and P. Jirapong (Thailand)


Lightning Performance, LPDW, Overhead Distribution Lines, Shield Wire, Surge Arresters.


Lightning performance of 22 kV overhead distribution lines has been investigated using Lightning Protection Design Workstation (LPDW). Shield wire and surge arresters play a significant role for protecting overhead distribution lines. The line with shield wire can reduce the number of flashovers in open ground and number of flashovers with nearby objects. The application of surge arresters provides better performance than shield wire. Improving the lightning performance by installing surge arresters at every pole provides the best protection. Installing arresters on all three phases at every third pole was the most effective and cost competitive arrangement possible.

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