Proposal of Monitor System for Studying Life Expenditure of Turbine-Generator Shaft System

H. Sugimoto, M. Goto, Y. Yokomizu, and T. Matsumura (Japan)


Shaft Life Expenditure, Monitor System, Shaft Torsional Torque, Observer, High-Speed Reclosing


This paper describes a monitor system of the life expenditure that may occur in the turbine-generator shaft system under the condition of power system disturbance. It is the key point for the monitor system to detect the shaft torsional torque from which the life expenditure can be estimated. In this paper, we introduced an observer that can obtain the torsional oscillations of the turbine-generator shaft system by using the generator speed deviation signal. The effects of the resolution of the generator speed sensor and the turbine-generator mechanical damping coefficients in the observer upon the accuracy of the detection in the shaft torsional torque were evaluated. Furthermore, by simulating the behaviors of the proposed monitor system in a model of power system, it was confirmed that the shaft torsional torque and the life expenditure were calculated correctly. Thus, it can be said that the monitor system is effec tively used to estimate the life expenditure.

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