Transient Response Study of Bangladesh Power System

A.R. Hasan, Y. Wan (USA), A. Kabir, and M. Rahman (Bangladesh)


Power System Transients, System Simulation, Stability Analysis,


An electrical power system consists of many individual elements connected together to form a large, complex system capable of generating, transmitting and distributing electrical energy over a large geographical area. Because of this interconnection of elements, a large variety of dynamic interactions are possible, some of which will only affect some of the elements, others will affect fragments of the system, whilst others many affect the system as a whole. In this paper a simplified model of Bangladesh power system is developed using PSCAD. It is composed of nine subsystems according to their geographical locations. Various types of transient studies are performed on the system to evaluate performance. Single line to ground (SLG) fault, which is the most common disturbance, is applied to different buses and disturbances are observed and analyzed. Disconnection of Eastern & Western grid is also studied. The system's responses to these disturbances are an essential part to evaluating its performance.

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