Defence Plan against Massive Blackouts of a Large Interconnected Power System in a Deregulated Environment: The Argentinean Case

J.L. Magaz (Spain) and A.R. Capara (Argentina)


Power breakdown analysis, defense plans, islandingmechanisms, power market deregulation.


This paper describes the principles underlying the design of a defense plan against massive blackout that currently is being implemented in the Argentinean High Voltage Interconnected Power System. The aim of the plan is to avoid overall system collapse under extreme faults leading to cascade outages that may give rise to a blackout. The basic defense strategy consists in the isolation of healthy portions of the grid once collapse condition has been early detected. Key issues like design criteria and practical approach for the implementation of an integral defense plan are presented. The regulatory framework and the role of the Independent System Operator and Market Administrator (ISO) are also addressed as well as other market participants' duties regarded implementation of the plan.

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