A Parallel Distributed Method for Power System Load Flow

G.L. Lebby, A.B. Darmand, and K.J. Jones (USA)


Power Flow Analysis, Newton-Raphson Method, Parallel Distributed Processing, Parallel Array Processing


As Power Systems Engineers conceptualize, plan, and de velop the next generation power system (NXGENPS), the complexities involved (e.g. the addition of intelligent con trollers, real-time wireless telemetry, etc.) necessitates the inclusion of parallel computations to increase the speed of calculations that are normally performed off-line (i.e. power flows) so they may be performed in real-time. The Machine Intelligence and Power Associated Research Lab oratory (MIPAR) at North Carolina Agricultural and Tech nical State University is developing a parallelized Newton Raphson (NR) method of power system load flow analysis. The proposed method is from the class of coarse-grained algorithms that has been optimized for a large number of inexpensive compute nodes.

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