Load Pocket Forecasting Software

E.A. Feinberg, D. Genethliou, J.T. Hajagos, B.G. Irrgang, R.J. Rossin, and D.E. Feinberg (USA)



In this paper we describe the load pocket forecasting software that can be used by electric utilities to estimate and forecast the load growth in different service areas. The software builds statistical load models for various service areas (load pockets), estimates weather-normalized loads, estimates the ratios between the actual peak loads and the loads that would happened on designed days (weather normalized factors), and estimates the next year peak load. In particular, the software can be used to calculate the probability distributions of the next year peak loads for different load pockets. The software can be used for area planning purposes. The software contains user's tools to design new load pockets and to modify the existing ones.

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