Enhancement of Available Transfer Capability by Generator Control Based on Equilibrium Point Analysis for Standard Model System

S. Kawamoto, J. Zhang, and H. Yamamoto (Japan)


Power system, AVR, GOV, PSS, Equilibrium Point, Limiter


The authors have proposed a new control method based on the equilibrium point analysis for power systems. In this paper, the analysis is applied to the Japanese standard one machine model system, and the enhancement of available transfer capability by generator control is considered. First, the system is formulated by the twelfth order nonlinear differential equations. Next, by the analysis without any approximation, it is shown that the case of PSS has stable and unstable equilibrium points, and in the case of the proposed controller the unstable one can be eliminated analytically by adding the complementary control inputs for AVR and GOV in place of PSS. The numerical control responses and the critical clearing time are fairly improved. As a result, it is concluded that the available transfer capability becomes better by about 15% than the case of PSS.

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