Development of Under-fault Procedures and Contingency Plans to Restore Transmission Substations in the Colombian Power System

J. Mora (Spain), G. Carrillo, and J. Jaimes (Colombia)


Power system availability, Power system control, Powersystem protection, Power system reliability, Powertransmission reliability, Substations.


Power system reliability has become a critical issue as a consequence of the new regulatory framework. In this document the selection of the critical equipment for ten transmission substations of the Colombian transmission company (ISA), based on the qualitative reliability evaluation techniques is presented. The development of restoration strategies is detailed, presented as basic tools to improve the reliability indexes. Two well defined restoration strategies are presented: for non destructive faults and for destructive faults. Those for non destructive faults deal with under-fault procedures and those which for destructive faults deal with contingency plans to restore principal equipment in transmission substations. An example of the reduction of ENS (Energy non Supplied) index as a consequence of the application of these strategies is also given.

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