IPRS: A Decentralized Framework for Controlling Electrical Energy Distribution Networks with Intelligent Power Routers

I. Vergara and M. Rodriguez-Martinez (Puerto Rico)


Intelligent Power Routers, Decentralized Restoration,Data Networks,


Current Electrical Energy Distribution Networks (EEDN) are managed from a centralized operations and control center. In the event of a system failure, human operators at the control centers device schemes for restoring the system back into an operational state. Such a scheme is inefficient and unreliable since a crippling failure at the control center would render the system useless. In this paper, we present a decentralized framework to help control and manage an Electrical Energy Distribution Network (EEDN). Our scheme is based on the idea of modeling the EEDN as a data network, where power generators serve energy to cities, factories, etc. The paths taking the flows of power are then controlled by devices that we call Intelligent Power Routers (IPRs). These IPRs monitor the status of the network, and when a failure occurs, they work together to open new paths to send power from the generators to the consumers. We present the architecture of our solution, and show distributed algorithms for a particular problem: restoring the undamaged part of a EEDN after a major failure. Our experiments demonstrate that our approach is reliable, efficient, and scalable. More importantly, our approach can find restoration solutions that are as good as those produced by centralized algorithms.

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