Application of STATCOM in EHV Transmission Line

M.H. Naeem, P.B. Kartik, and K. Boniface (Malaysia)


STATCOM, transient stability, VAR injection, fault clearing.


Rapid increase of power demand needs more transmission capability of EHV lines over a long distance. High construction cost with the difficulty in getting right of-way restricts the building of new transmission line. Existing lines are loaded up to their thermal limit with the danger of having transient instability. STATCOM being a shunt regulator of reactive power, injects VAR to control the bus voltage and thereby stability. Power electronic switching devices make the STATCOM very fast controller, which modulates the reactive power to quickly damp out the power swing after a transient disturbance. Computer simulation results of a sample power system subjected to transient disturbance show the utility of STATCOM to maintain the stability and to damp out the oscillation.

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