Significance of Thyristor-controlled Series Compensations in Restructured Power Systems

M.I. Alomoush (Jordan)



As the Thyristor-Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC) is a control device that considerably alters power system parameters, it can be used to help resolve some of the key issues in restructured power system environment. This paper explores the representations of the TCSC and investigates its valuable impacts, when it is operated in both inductive and capacitive modes, on congestion management outcome and degree of fulfillment of spot market contracts. The paper shows that putting TCSC in service redistributes line power flows and may effectively increase power transfer capability of the system, which all in turn make more contracts feasible and reduce congestion-related costs. The results of the numerical test cases presented in the paper emphasize that incorporating TCSC has positive impacts in resolving some of the problems facing deregulated power systems.

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