A Novel Chopper Circuit with Separate Multi-Load

I. Yamamoto, K. Matsui, and H. Mori (Japan)


dc-dc converter , multi-load, buck-boost converter, dutycontrol, parallel-connection, series-connection


Various electric accessories with differing power are frequently to be provided in the automotive industry. This leads to the need for the provision of a multiplicity of dc-dc converters with increased circuit complexity and correspondingly higher cost. Moreover, this problem is not limited to vehicle applications. For instance, for electronic equipment including both analog circuits and digital circuits, sometimes requires power supplies with different supply voltages. With a simple circuit configuration, which can supply to two or more different output loads. This converter provides a wide control output voltages by varying duty ratio using switching devices, comprising a single boost-switch and single buck-switch. Several circuit modifications are represented, developed from the basic circuit, including a generalized multi-load circuit. The concept of this circuit operation is derived from the well known buck chopper circuit. The operation at turn-on is quite similar to the conventional buck chopper. However, the path of the free-wheeling current of the buck chopper is somewhat altered in the turn-off operation. The theoretical circuit characteristics are discussed using simulations. The theoretical and experimental results were shown to be in agreement .

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