SICORP: An Enterprise Data Warehouse for a Mexican Utility Company

M. Mejia Lavalle, R. Molina, N. Jacome, L. Argotte, I. Galvan, A. Martinez, and G. Arroyo-


data warehouse, information systems, power systems.


The following paper describes the design and development of a Enterprise Data Warehouse for CFE Mexican utility company. The essence of this system is to provide a solyuid platform of integrated, historical data from which informational, analytical processing and analysis over a long historical time perspective can be done. The first step was focused on the process to cleanse, filter, transform, summarize and aggregate data generated from the operational systems of generation, transmission and distribution systems. The second step was focused on build the Enterprise system using digital dashboards of the power system. These dashboards provide the executive information of the utility with a tool for the navigation through of different information levels of the organization utility. The next step of the system is the construction of knowledge system for finding out the patterns, trends, facts, relations, models, and sequences hidden in raw data of the operational processes, thus to achieve better decision-making and become more competitive utility.

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