Improvement of Static Voltage and Power Stability using Shunt and Series FACTS Devices

H.A. Shayanfar, M. Hosseini, and H. Shayeghi (Iran)



This paper presents a study of shunt and series FACTS devices mainly Static Var Compensator (SVC) and Controlled Series Compensator (CSC). Their steady-state modeling and effects on power system performance have been studied. It also studies static stability improvement of the power system and hence power flow improvement in the network. Standard stability evaluation technique has been used to identify the optimum place for the implementation of FACTS devices and the effects of FACTS on system load ability has been discussed and presented here. The technique to identify the optimum location for the placement of FACTS devices is based on the concept of maximum power transferring capability of the lines and buses. In the study, the limits of active and reactive power in PV buses are considered. The study has been carried out on the IEEE 24 bus test system. Test system reveals that the incorporation of SVC significantly improved static voltage stability and CSC improved the power transfer capability of the system and therefore, the stability of the system is increased.

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