Power System Load Frequency Control using ANN based on Robust Control Technique

H. Shayeghi, H.A. Shayanfar, and M. Hosseini (Iran)



Load Frequency Control (LFC) has received considerable attention during last decades. Most of the papers published so far, however, have assumed the availability of an accurate model of the power system that in fast is not a realistic assumption. Thus, in order to take the large parametric uncertainties and modeling error into account, this paper proposes a new nonlinear Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) controller based on robust control for power system LFC. The proposed controller, which has the advance adaptive control configuration is simple, effective and can ensure that the overall system is stable for all admissible uncertainties in the presence of generation rate constraint (GRC). The simulation results on two areas power system show that the proposed nonlinear ANN controller not only is robust to load perturbations increase and operating point variations, but also gives good dynamic response compared with conventional PI and robust controllers.

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